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June 2021

Better, Fresher Shellfish? The Answer is Modern Live Fish Transport Tanks

Preserving Shellfish Quality. One of the many problems faced in the aquaculture industry is preserving shellfish quality from the fishing stage to the consumer stage. As widely known, shellfish deteriorate quickly - not only from the point of death but also from the moment they are taken out of their natural habitats.....

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May 2021

What are the Most Farmed Seafood Products in Australia?

Australia’s aquaculture industry has grown significantly in the last two decades, with a reputation for high-quality and sustainable produce that’s gone a step further with the recent launch of the Australian Marine Conservation Society’s GoodFish initiative....

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April 2021

Why Live Seafood Holding Tanks are More Important Than Ever

Live seafood holding tanks are required to bulk-hold live seafood for a range of purposes that include wholesale, transport and retail consumption. Many species of fish do not live long out of their natural environment, which makes bulk live holding tanks a solution for maintaining optimum seafood quality - a win-win for both restaurant seafood suppliers and consumers...

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March 2021

Austmarine’s Patented Oceantronic System

Our patented Oceantonic System is a feature of our live transport tanks and bulk live holding tanks, designed specifically to preserve the quality of live seafood in a way that other systems do not replicate. Using innovative technology developed over 25 years, Austmarine Oceantronic products are now recognised as some of the world’s most advanced live seafood tank systems. Below, you can find out how our Oceantronic System sets itself apart from conventional live seafood tanks...

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February 2021

The Appeal of Live Seafood Display Tanks in Restaurants

Considering having live seafood display tanks in your restaurant? Restaurant fish tank setups have a variety of perks in addition to the unique dining experience it offers seafood restaurants and upmarket luxury restaurants. If you’re looking to increase the quality of your seafood dishes or boost the appeal of your restaurant, read below to find out the various advantages of live seafood display tanks...

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January 2021

The Advantages of Live Seafood Holding Tanks

Bulk holding live tanks have become invaluable for businesses in the aquaculture industry - and the many advantages it offers are only increasing in importance. There are many seafood species that cannot last long out of their natural environment. This makes transporting them and preserving their quality for sale and consumption a meticulous and often risky process. But, with the right equipment, it doesn’t have to be...

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December 2020

Austmarine - Patented Live Seafood Holding Tanks and Display Tanks

What We Do at Austmarine At Austmarine, we specialise in designing and building seafood holding tanks and seafood display tanks with one aim: to preserve the quality of live seafood. Through innovative engineering, we’ve designed these for every step of the aquaculture process. This includes transporting live seafood, bulk holding live seafood and displaying live seafood. Over 35 years, we’ve provided for wholesalers, exporters, restaurants, hotels and supermarkets in over 35 countries...

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