Live seafood holding tanks are required to bulk-hold live seafood for a range of purposes that include wholesale, transport and retail consumption.

Many species of fish do not live long out of their natural environment, which makes bulk live holding tanks a solution for maintaining optimum seafood quality – a win-win for both restaurant seafood suppliers and consumers.

There is one thing, however, that is making live seafood holding tanks more important than ever; that is the climate change, and the effects it’s having on the ocean’s stock of marine species and subsequently the world’s fishing industries.

Ocean Warming

It’s no secret that our oceans are slowly warming up due to climate change. As the temperature of the atmosphere increases, so does the sea surface temperature as well as the overall temperature of the ocean itself.

Warmer ocean temperatures force fish to adapt (migrate) or die out. This, in turn, disrupts the marine ecosystem as a whole, as well as our fisheries.

Ocean Acidification

Similar to trees and plants, the ocean also does its part in absorbing carbon dioxide, which helps to slow down climate change. However as more carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere, the more the ocean is having to absorb.

Carbon dioxide reacts with seawater in a way that increases its acidity. And this increased acidity is harmful to various ocean species and marine life, particularly shellfish that use calcium (which is affected by carbonic acid) to form their shells.

The Advantages of Live Seafood Holding Tanks

Unfortunately, climate change is gradually making it harder for fish to thrive and the result can mean an unpredictability in supply.

Live seafood holding tanks, however, are a means for exporters, restaurant seafood suppliers and restaurateurs to effectively manage their inventory while keeping the seafood product in pristine condition and fresh for extended periods of time.

Our MC range at Austmarine does just that, using innovative design and patented technology that efficiently bulk-holds live seafood – long-term – in a way that other conventional tanks do not replicate.

We design live wholesale tanks and live export tanks for both transport and large-scale bulk holding, catering to all steps of the aquaculture process.

Austmarine MC Bulk Live Holding Tanks

Our MC live seafood holding tanks offer a range of sizes, ideal for backdoor restaurant setups as well as large-volume seafood holding for wholesalers and exporters.

MC250 – our smallest tank, ideal for backdoor operations (up to 250kg per 24 hours)
MC500 – entry-level tank for wholesalers and retailers (up to 500kg)
MC1000 – mid-level tank for wholesalers and retailers (up to 1000kg)
MC5000 – our largest tank, ideal for holding large volumes of seafood (up to 5000kg)

The Austmarine MC range shares one purpose: to keep live seafood product fresh and with minimal weight loss for long periods of time, which can be up to 12 weeks (depending on the product).

Our live seafood tank systems are built from heavily insulated, vacuum-sealed double-skin fibreglass. The patented technology featured in all our tanks – Oceantronic – boasts a state-of-the-art automated control system that regulates temperature, water level and monitors (prevents) power failure.

In any event, bulk live holding tanks are an invaluable investment for aquaculture businesses committed to maintaining optimum quality of their seafood product.

You can find more information about our MC range at Austmarine Bulk Live Holding Tanks as well as our TR live transport tanks.