Live Transport Tanks

Live Transport tanks are designed to assist the movement of Wet live seafood products whilst maintaining the utmost quality. Although many live seafood products can be transported out of water there are some that cannot survive very long out of their natural environment due to their physiology. Eg. finfish, octopus, prawns, etc.

The TR range is a huge step away from the conventional means of air compressors and oxygen bottles, in that the TR units contain a complete biological, aeration and refrigeration system. These systems allow for long fish collection and delivery runs without any risk to the product.


The TR 100 is a robustly built, compact, double skin, vacuum sealed insulated fiberglass tank ,with all equipment located within the sub frame. The tank equipment is generator driven and employs the same patented system that is unique to the Austmarine Oceantronic© equipment. The TR100 can be fitted to a boat, truck or trailer and provides an effective means of transporting live fin-fish. The TR100 is the smallest model in the transport range and is designed to hold up to 170kg of live product in any given 24 hour period. The TR100 is ideal for local deliveries as it guarantees your product will be delivered in a perfect, stress free condition.


The TR 500 is the largest transport tank in the Austmarine range. The unit is designed to be fitted to the back of a truck or boat. These tanks are constructed from heavily insulated, vacuum sealed fiberglass to reduce the thermal conductivity and running costs in warm climates. The TR500 employs the same patented Austmarine system as the other MC models however it is modified to suit the harsh conditions associated with transport. The TR 500 gives the operator the ability to travel long distances with live product on board. Market research has shown live product will last around 8 weeks with no weight loss in the TR500. This TR500 is suited to fishermen, wholesalers operating in remote locations and high volume distributors.