Considering having live seafood display tanks in your restaurant?

Restaurant fish tank setups have a variety of perks in addition to the unique dining experience it offers seafood restaurants and upmarket luxury restaurants.

If you’re looking to increase the quality of your seafood dishes or boost the appeal of your restaurant, read below to find out the various advantages of live seafood display tanks.

See Before You Buy

Seeing, even trying, a product before purchasing is becoming more and more prevalent. For some products and consumers, buying isn’t even considered without the option of seeing it first in person.

Restaurant menus allow customers to read about dishes, sometimes with an image, however, live seafood display tanks go further by allowing the consumer to both see and choose the seafood product they’re going to part with their money for.

This added advantage makes dining more exciting and is often the main appeal and reason why diners visit restaurants with live seafood displays. After all, the sight of live healthy product is synonymous with superior taste and quality.

Better Quality Seafood

Many fresh seafood species quickly deteriorate in quality after expiry, making live seafood display tanks a far superior option when it comes to preserving the freshness of the product as well as its final taste.

These species, in particular, include shellfish such as lobsters, crabs and shrimps. For restaurants that craft their menus around these sought-after types of seafood, a live shellfish tank would result in better-tasting, higher-quality dishes.

The Experience

It is no surprise that restaurants with live seafood display tanks offer something that other restaurants do not, and that is the experience and luxury factor of dining on seafood that is handpicked by the customer and overall far superior in quality than lifeless, refrigerator-kept seafood – particularly when it comes to premium seafood such as lobsters.

Restaurants with live seafood tank display units cater to this specific market and its premium dining experience, and can better tailor their prices as a result of the increased quality of the seafood offered.

Not only that, restaurants with live tank setups have greater appeal in terms of restaurant first impressions and interior aesthetic.

Austmarine Live Seafood Display Tanks – Custom-Made

Here at Austmarine, we design and build live seafood display tanks for restaurants all around the world – custom-made to fit any space, setting and throughput requirements.

Using advanced technology developed over 25 years in the industry, our live seafood tanks are built to last, preserve all types of seawater and freshwater seafood (with up to four temperature-controlled environments) and provide an exciting visual display for public consumers.

Our innovative team also designs refrigerated supermarket seafood displays, as well as live transport tanks and bulk live holding tanks for both restaurant and warehouse-based bulk live seafood holding.

Find more information on our custom live seafood tanks at Austmarine Live Seafood Display Tanks.