What We Do at Austmarine

At Austmarine, we specialise in designing and building seafood holding tanks and seafood display tanks with one aim: to preserve the quality of live seafood.

Through innovative engineering, we’ve designed these for every step of the aquaculture process. This includes transporting live seafood, bulk holding live seafood and displaying live seafood.

Over 35 years, we’ve provided for wholesalers, exporters, restaurants, hotels and supermarkets in over 35 countries.

Our world-leading tanks and cabinet displays use advanced patented technology and can be custom-made for any requirements.

Check out our four main product lines below – what they are for and the advantages that each offers.

Bulk Live Holding Tanks

Where are Bulk Holding Tanks Used?

Bulk holding tanks offer the advantage of keeping live seafood on-site for a range of purposes. For wholesalers and seafood restaurant owners, they have become an invaluable asset.

The Perks of Seafood Bulk Holding Tanks

  • hold live seafood for long periods
  • maintain seafood freshness and quality for export and retail consumption
  • provide on-hand stock and improved inventory management

Austmarine Live Seafood Holding Tanks

We’ve manufactured the ultimate range of bulk live holding tanks for live seafood. Our MC holding tanks are fully self-contained and come in different sizes for any purpose and space.

These offer intelligent conditioning for different types of seafood, self-monitored by a smart microprocessor that controls parameters such as water temperature, water level and short cycling/power failure, complete with warning alarms and visual displays.

Through proven performance, our MC250, MC500, MC1000 and MC5000 tanks can keep the live product in pristine condition for up to 12 weeks with no weight loss.

Live Seafood Display Tanks

Where are Seafood Display Tanks Used?

Live seafood cabinets are the fish, crab and lobster display often found in seafood restaurants and seafood shops/fish markets offering an exciting live display for customers to choose from.

The Perks of Live Seafood Displays

  • provide an exciting visual display of live seafood for public consumers
  • maintain freshness and quality
  • boost restaurant appeal and aesthetic

Austmarine Seafood Display Cabinets

We build custom live seafood cabinets for any space and requirement. These are specifically made for all types of seawater and freshwater seafood and can be built in a range of eye-catching cabinet designs. After an initial customer needs analysis, we can design the ideal display tank for any setting and throughput capacity.

Refrigerated Display Cabinets

Where are Refrigerated Seafood Displays Used?

Refrigerated seafood displays present and preserve seafood for immediate purchase in supermarket or marketplace environments.

Austmarine Refrigerated Seafood Displays

Our Arctic Spray Merchandiser range can be designed for any setting and foot traffic. This advanced display maintains seafood quality for both visual presentation and consumption. The Arctic Spray Merchandiser is also more advanced than any conventional display, allowing low cost of operation, low maintenance and improved visual aesthetic.

The Advantages of Our Fresh Seafood Display Cabinets

  • use large angled displays, hidden lights and water misters
  • prevent spoilage and odours
  • offer fast defrost and low operating cost
  • custom-built to any size and design

Live Fish Transport Tanks

Where are Live Seafood Transport Tanks Used?

Bulk seafood transport tanks are the essential link in transporting live seafood from the point of farming to the wholesale or retail stage of purchase and consumption. This is especially important as many species cannot survive long out of the ocean.

Austmarine Seafood Transport Tanks

Our transport tanks have been expertly engineered to preserve seafood quality for short-haul and long haul transport, ensuring all seafood, no matter the species, arrives in a perfect, stress-free condition. Our range features the same patented Oceantronic technology as our bulk live holding tanks but optimised for harsh transport.

The Advantages of Our Transport Tanks

  • built using heavily insulated, vacuum-sealed double-skin fibreglass
  • use patented Austmarine Oceantronic technology
  • offer two sizes that can be fitted to trucks, trailers and boats
  • can preserve the live product for up to 8 weeks with minimal weight loss

Austmarine – Advanced Live Seafood Display Tanks, Holding Tanks and Transport Tanks

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