Technical Maintenance and Service

As is the case with most commercial equipment, there is a periodical requirement for maintenance on the Austmarine equipment. Austmarine has representatives in various locations to exercise the majority of this technical maintenance service. As the equipment is specialised machinery, we highly recommend that Austmarine trained technicians carry out the required service.

Austmarine has successfully established licensed representatives in various countries to provide this after sales service. These licensed companies are thoroughly trained in all aspects of the Austmarine equipment and systems. Registered Austmarine licensees operate in Hong Kong, China, Dubai, India, Norway, Germany, Japan, Cairns, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. In remote areas or where no licensee exists, Austmarine provide a comprehensive Operation manual that contains excellent photos in the maintenance of the tank and Austmarine is always available for consultation.

We are proud to claim that strong, long-term client relationships have been forged through the excellent performance and after sales service of our tanks in all industries. These relationships are encouraged at Austmarine as a vital source of feedback for research and development purposes.