Austmarine Design Services

At Austmarine we feel it is important to be involved in the live seafood industry from all levels, to gain a better understanding of our clients needs. As a result, Austmarine has grown to specialise in Technical design for both the hospitality and seafood industries. This capability allows Austmarine to provide consultation from the point of design to ensure hazard free, efficient operation of equipment into the future.

Live Seafood Foodservice Design

Austmarine works conjointly with kitchen and Interior designers to assist in creating a live seafood handling environment that is both visually appealing and functional to the end user. Utilising over 25 years experience in seafood handling, we pride ourselves on delivering designs that present no operational hazards in handling live product.

Austmarine uses the latest design technology to plan and create specialised live seafood handling areas. If you have a special design requirement or would like a consultation on live food service handling requirements, please contact us.

Seafood Concepts

In addition to standard kitchen layouts Austmarine also specialises in Live Seafood Concepts and themed rooms. Such seafood concepts include: self service fish markets, live fish rooms, live seafood walls and themed seafood concepts.

We understand the essential mix between operational functionality and aesthetical requirements.

Customised Equipment

Although Austmarine has a large standard product range to meet most requirements, we can also design customised equipment to meet any application that is operationally feasible.

This customisation extends across all products including retail display tanks, bulk holding tanks, transport tanks and refrigerated seafood cabinets.