Refrigerated Seafood Display

The innovative engineering of the Austmarine team has developed the ultimate range of refrigerated display cabinets, designed specifically for fresh seafood. The Arctic Merchandiser has many advantages over conventional display cabinets, all aimed at maintaining the quality of the seafood product. See below for the Arctic Merchandiser’s unique features. The Arctic Merchandisers reduce the operating cost, while simultaneously enhancing the quality and appearance of the fresh seafood on display.

Minimal Ice Meltdown

The Arctic Merchandisers have a complete engineered direct refrigeration system that utilises a forced draft (fan driven) evaporator coil. This evaporator coil delivers air to the cabinet at a temperature of -2°C (HACCP requirement for seafood products). This eliminates the need for laborious replacement of ice, as the ice will not melt.

No Odours

The cabinets have a complete washout function which removes all seafood waste, juices and scales from underneath the trays. This washout function is automatically programmed to occur every 4 hours. This eliminates the chance for any odours to develop and prevents the need to wash-out underneath the cabinet after every day’s trading.

Seafood Will Not Dry Out

The unique design of the refrigeration system creates air off the coil that is high in humidity, which assists in keeping the seafood moist. In addition to this, the cabinet is fitted with water misters that emit a fine refrigerated mist over the seafood at the touch of a button. As the -2°C air hits this mist it encapsulates the seafood in a micron-thin barrier of ice, which seals in the freshness and provides an attractive glazed appearance.

Fast Defrost

The display cabinets employ a “highly efficient” water defrost system which removes all the ice from the coil in under three minutes. This provides the operator the ability to trade for long hours without interruption. There is no need to remove all the seafood to defrost the cabinet as is often the case with conventional cabinets.

No Spoilage

This fast defrost allows for the refrigeration to be switched off for a short period of time and prevents spoilage. Also with the forced draft system the seafood can be stacked up to 200mm above the top of the tray without the risk of spoilage. The forced air will move up over the product and refrigerate down unlike conventional cabinets.

Highly Presentable Product

The Arctic Merchandiser is available in a self-contained unit with all the machinery located in the base area. The large angled display tray provides the perfect visual platform for presentation of the product, all illuminated by the hidden LED light and protected by the clear acrylic sneeze barrier. The cabinet finish internally and externally is in complete 304 grade Stainless Steel.

Low Operating Cost

The energy smart design of the refrigeration system is in line with all of the Austmarine equipment. All areas have been addressed to provide the client with a low total cost of ownership. All equipment is self contained in the base area for easy access to serviceable parts.


If you are interested to find out more about our refrigerated seafood display or simply have any questions please submit your enquiry and we will be in contact as soon as possible.