About Austmarine

About Austmarine

Austmarine specialises in the intelligent engineering, design and manufacture of live seafood holding and display tanks. Our four major product lines include Live Retail display tanks, Live Bulk holding tanks, live transport tanks and Refrigerated Seafood cabinets.

Austmarine's founder and principle is Mr Michael (Mike) Hanrahan, who has extended and diverse experience in the live seafood industry as a successful live seafood exporter. Mr Hanrahan is also a qualified Engineer in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. The combination of these experiences enabled Mr Hanrahan to develop the Internationally Patented Oceantronic© system, which is used in all Austmarine equipment.

The Advanced Design passed all the rigid examination testing from the panels of scientist, chemist, and engineers of the Patents Offices. The system provided for the first time the ability to hold and maintain different types of live products in high volumes, without suffering mortality, with no required changes of water, and no loss of weight. These claims were verified by the testing panel and the patents were awarded. (See Scientific Review).

Established from these humble beginnings in 1985, the Gold Coast based company has continually grown and expanded into markets in over 35 countries around the world. Over the past 20 years Austmarine has developed a strong industry reputation built on proven performance in keeping seafood alive, conditioned and healthy. As a result Austmarine has been promoted to the position of preferred supplier to many international hotel chains (See Austmarine Notable Projects). Austmarine's unique product features and proven performance attracts interest from all corners of the world, as our clients understand the Austmarine technology underpins their seafood quality.

Austmarine specialises in both state of the art design and manufacture. Using the latest technology Austmarine can take an initial concept from the design stage, through manufacture and to installation. The quality of the end product is a core company focus with components being sourced from around the world to achieve Austmarine's required quality standard.

The company also prides itself on leading the industry in technology and innovation, and has received recognition through many Industry Awards. As such, the organisational culture is one that fosters creativity, innovation and employee empowerment. This culture creates a working environment that is based on continuous improvement to all areas of the business, products and customer service.

Austmarine utilises the experience and local market knowledge possessed by its various Licensed Representatives to expand our international business and customer serviceactivities. Austmarine currently has active licensed representatives serving the market in Melbourne, Perth, Cairns, Middle East, Hong Kong, China, Japan, India, Norway, Germany, Fiji and Papua New Guinea.